Learn about the BIDS: part 1

This year will be my 9th year that I’m giving out Bids. You know what… I’m at my 9th year of scandal with Bids. It’s not even a joke.

One year, I gave too much Bids, one year I gave a Bid to my own team, one year I gave 2 Partials to the same program, one year I DIDN’T give 2 Partials to the same program, one year I didn’t give the Partial to the team that scored the highest for sports ethics reasons, one year I didn’t give all of my Bids, and one year I only gave 7 out of 9.

One year I’ve been told that I was stupid, I was accused of favoritism, I was heartless, I was an imbecile, name it. We screamed in my face that I’ve lost any respect from them, I’ve been begged, I’ve been insulted. There is not one year where nothing happened. NOT ONE!

I even wrote another BLOG in 2015 on this subject:

Now I think that you should be aware of some important points.

PLEASE STOP WITH THE HIGHEST SCORES, you can’t even compare.

I ear everyone says: ‟I got the highest score of ALL THE WORLDS TEAMS!!!” Just so you know, there are 3 different ‟series” of score sheets for World’s teams. They are not all on 100!

Here are the 3 score sheet categories:

  1. The score sheets for the INTERNATIONAL categories
  2. The score sheets for the SENIOR categories
  3. The score sheets for the 5.0 level (on 80)

On competition, we put all the scores on 100 to be able the ‟compare”. However, that’s not really the case.

If you have a score of 50/100 (50%) and a score of 50/80 (62.5%), we can all agree that it’s not the same score. That’s exactly what is happening between the INTERNATIONAL and 5.0 categories. It’s then normal that the 5.0 teams have higher percentages.

The ratios of the International and Senior categories are also completely at opposite one from the other. The Overall score (Choreography) is worth 20% for International, but is worth 35% for Senior. Almost DOUBLE! The MINIMUM score possible for Overall is 31 points. It’s impossible for a team to have a score under 31/35. International teams have automatically 17 points, but the Senior teams have 31. Almost double. It’s then normal that the Senior teams have higher scores.

Thinking that giving out BIDS based on the SCORES is a good idea is completely wrong. You can’t compare the 3 categories on 100%.

Even if you tell me that we talk about a ‟degree” of perfection, I’ll tell you that no, it’s a question of mathematical inequity. It would be unfair to give out Bids based on the results—when you now think that’s it’s unfair NOT to do so.

Woman hand checking tick box

When we choose who should get the Bids, we think about what could be better for our company and for the Bids. I’ve been working in this industry for 19 years now. I know almost EVERY gym owner. I like them all in one way or another, and mainly I respect them all. I know that they are all passionate and if I could, I would give Bids to everyone. But I can’t.

What would I win to give more to one than to the other? NOTHING. I always based my decisions on sports ethics and equity, and it won’t change this year. EVERYONE thinks that they should have the Partial more than the others. EVERYONE! In the end, there are only 3 and we have to give them out the best we can.

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