Letter to the city of MONTREAL: You have abandoned 200 girls, why exactly?

Dear City of Montreal,

I’m a Montreal entrepreneur. Until August 16, I’m running 2 competitive cheerleading companies, one being a cheerleading club: SpiriX Athletics. A club I’ve been running for 15 years.

A club that you are forcing me to close without scruples. And why exactly? Can you tell me WHY you dared to take away the passion from more than 200 families? You just deprived hundreds of little girls of their favorite sport. You just closed a sports club that stands out in Quebec, Canada and abroad! But why?

SpiriX Xplosion Win in Mexico

We say everywhere that we need to promote sport for girls, that we must promote women’s sports. I’ve been doing this for 15 years now and you are shutting me down just like that for a so-called “security” issue? You’re hypocrites!

You have just cut the income of about ten students who were coaching athletes with heart and passion.

You’re kicking me out of my facility, why exactly? Because of the safety for children! Are you serious? I’ve been on the same street for 10 years. Firefighters came every year for inspection. We complied with the requests for emergency exits, fire extinguishers and smoke detectors suggested by them.

In addition, the vast majority (if not all) of cheerleading clubs in Quebec are in industrial zonings! The 4 Montreal clubs are in industrial zonings! AND EVEN the club in your own district is in an industrial zoning! GOOD JOB MONTREAL what are you going to do? All close us down?

For months, we searched for solutions. We had a few options, but nothing fast. We asked you to extend the eviction for a project in another district. You refused! Twice rather than once! Why? What do you get out of putting pressure like that and shutting down one of Montreal’s 4 cheerleading clubs? I mentioned to you that without the extension I would close. You told me you were going to talk to your manager! And of course, NO RETURN OF CALL!

In desperation, I wrote a letter to the Office of the Mayor of the City of Montreal (Mrs. Plante). I was told that it was a shame, but since I was not an NPO (non-profit organization), the City of Montreal could not help me!

I called my federation crying and she tried to contact the district. You didn’t even dare to call back. She was able to contact you once the closure announcement was made.

We sent a lawyer’s letter to the district, to which you did not even dare to reply. You left us with the only choice to pursue legal proceedings that were far too costly for what we could afford.

You forced me to close my club. And why? W.H.Y?

I guess it’s just a coincidence that our neighbor and an influential person in the district are very close. That this same influential person had the road signs changed in front of the entire building. And let’s face it, this signage is completely stupid (see the graph below). It must also be a big coincidence that suddenly every month, ONLY during athletes’ class hours you do police operations in front of my gym. Only between 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. NEVER the rest of the time. I guess all this is just a big mega coincidence… #montrealcorruption

You know what, you won! You shut down a Montreal company, managed by a Montreal woman who made young girls of Montreal do sport. GOOD JOB!

That’s unbelievable, that’s disgusting! You missed a chance to have a little bit of heart and some common sense! You broke the heart of hundreds of kids and I could even say thousands of SpiriX athletes that were with our club these past 15 years,

Montreal, I hope you’re ashamed!

See you everyone at the FAREWELL PARTY ON AUGUST 25TH!
Don’t miss it!

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